1 Element Gardens

Our legacy is about establishing a strong community presence along with a recognizable economic empowerment USA regulated brand. We bring the Highest Standards of quality, innovative, fashion and accessories from around the world.

1Element Gardens Duty

We are a company of cultivators with a comprehensive understanding of ecological agriculture and cannabis operations procedures.

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Indoors, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation debates have arisen on the best method, and the most effective concerning cost and their effect on environment minimized. However, we will help your establishment choose the best technique to handle the difficult choice.

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Our goal is to provide ancillary products and services in the cannabis industry. All while helping investors, operators, policymakers, and media in the cannabis industry with our extensive knowledge.

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Growers are responsible for overseeing the entire operation, being educated to comply with state laws, zoning, electrical codes and ensuring that issues addressed shall they escalate. Growers are also accountable to provide safeguard security and peace of mind.